Take your success into your own hands
Take your success into your own hands

Resident Medical Officer (RMO)

Salary: £49 500 - £60 000

Location: Throughout the UK​

Resident Medical Officer (RMO) is the easiest and the most popular way for overseas doctors to get into the UK healthcare system. You can earn up to £2000/week worked!!

Minimum 6 months contract.

ICU Resident Medical Officer (ICU RMO)

Salary: £58 500 - £65 000

Location: Throughout the UK

A number of hospitals require doctors with ICU and/or Anaesthetic skills and experience. These positions either include a combination of regular ward work and dedicated​ ICU or are only based within the ICU.
You can earn up to £2500/week worked!!​

Minimum 6 months contract.

A&E Registrar

Salary: 50 000 - 60 000

Location: Throughout Ireland and UK​

Looking for a new challange in your career?

If you are an A&E doctor with A&E experience you are more then welcome to apply for this fantastic opportunity.

We are currently looking for experienced A&E doctors for A&E Registrar posts in Ireland and in the UK.

NHS Trust Doctor

Salary: £30 000 - £100 000

Location: Throughout the UK

Working in the NHS Hospitals gives you unique opportunity to get more experience at the highest level possible.
NHS Hospitals are well known for their teaching opportunities so you will have an excellent chance to widen your knowledge and skills by learning from UK's best experts in the field of medicine.
Permanent positions. Competitive salaries​.

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